4 Products Happy Tree Buds Customers Love – & you should try

Take a look at 4 of our best selling products that Happy Tree buds costumers love and enjoy! Tried and tested by professional stoners.

Indica Sour Gummies – Chillen Cherries

OK these are dangerous… not because of their THC concentration of 40mg per candy, but because of how deliciously tangy they were. It was a serious challenge to only eat one… or two. The THC taste is barely noticeable and their sourness is at the right levels so you don’t have to be a sour candy fanatic to enjoy them. As for the effects, the relaxing and calming sensations of 1 piece of candy took about an hour to kick in and lasted about 3.

Sour Lemon MKU Hash

Delectable hashish! The consistency is perfect; doesn’t break apart and isn’t too sticky to roll in your hand. The high is great as well and has a classic sativa feel; awake, focused, happy and social. The perfect extract to spice up your joints after a mentally exhausting task!


Pineapple Express Hybrid Flower

Just as good as the movie! And if you didn’t like the movie, it’s because you weren’t smoking Pineapple Express…  Recognizable by it’s aroma and taste; it’s tangy and delicious. This hard-hitting sativa dominant hybrid provides a long-lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes.


Ghost Train Shatter

An absolute delight, if you’re ready for it. This sativa is sure to keep to going through the day and helps elevate your mood. It’s ideal to deal with a more depressed or gloomy state. The shatter quality and looks are beautiful and it tastes pure and earthy. 10 on 10 would recommend.

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