5 Things I’ve Learned Since Giving My Dog A CBD Tincture

Happy Tree Buds was kind enough to have sent me a CBD tincture for my dog. For reference, they sent me a 300mg Mello CBD pet tincture for dogs. If you need some actual customer feedback, here are 5 things I’ve learned since giving my dog a CBD tincture.

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CBD Takes Time

The first thing I learned when I started giving my dog CBD, is that it takes time to see results. I’d say it took roughly 10-12 days of adding it to her diet before I actually saw results in terms of mobility. On the other hand, it helped with her anxiety as soon as it had been absorbed into her system.

CBD Oil Helps With Her Anxiety 

As I mentioned in my product review, my dog has had terrible anxiety ever since she had surgery as a puppy. The CBD’s ability to calm her down was the first thing I noticed. Normally she is quite skittish and often hides in her “safe space” when indoors. However, after giving her the CBD she gradually became more comfortable and even energetic in the house.

Increased Mobility

Due to the surgury she had when she was a puppy, her left leg can get a little sore at times. I have found that after that 10-12 day period, the CBD started to help her with the pain and inflammation from her leg injury. I’m grateful to have found a product that can help alleviate some of that discomfort from my best friend.

It Helps Her Deal With Loud Noises

As I mentioned above, my dog can get quite skittish indoors. She is particularly afraid of loud noises when she’s in the house. I believe that this is directly associated with the CBD’s ability to ease her anxiety. I felt that it needed a seperate reference nonetheless, as I know loud noises can set off a lot of dogs. If you live in an area where thunderstorms are common, CBD for your dogs would be an excellent tool to help calm them down.

She’s More Confident 

Without her anxiety holding her back, my pup has become an energetic goofball both inside and outside the house. The only problem is she’s now mustered up the courage to bother our cats.

If your dog has anxiety or suffers from some sort of pain, I highly reccommend Mello CBD. Shop here for Happy Tree Buds selection of pet CBD products.

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