6 ways to tell if the weed you’re smoking is high quality

It might look and smell good, but it might not get you where you want to be. Read on to know exactly what characteristics to lookout for to know if your weed is high quality.


The smell



It actually shouldn’t smell like a plant. Lower quality flowers like AA and AAA will typically (depending on the strain) have a more earthy and herby smell. Your nose will be bored compared to the more complex smells that come with AAAA and higher quality flowers. Sour, sharper and fruitier smells are typically characteristic of high quality bud!


The stickiness


Sticky Fingers didn’t take their name for no reason! The best bud will leave you grinder full of residue and hard to pivot! This is due to an increase in production of resin by the flower. This precious resin is where the euphoric and elevated molecules of THC are contained. The stickier, the better!


The look

The look is the easiest way to tell if you’re smoking “schwag” or the bomb. Two very important distinctions are to be made here. Firstly, the silvery glow on the bud which if you look closely is composed of a multiple of tiny white hairs. Secondly, high quality weed will almost all the time have coloured hair ranging from yellow to orange to red.


The density (woah science)


Density refers to the weight times the size of the bud. Basically how compact and tightly packed together the buds are. Density isn’t so much of a characteristic of high quality bud, but it does show that the grower took high care of his plants and got the best yield out of his grow! Naturally this suggest you will be dealing with an interesting or trending strain. Airy and fluffy weed can be fantastic, but when you encounter a rock hard nugs; chances are they’re from the moon.



If you’re a stoner; weeds is kind of like food, and kind of like wine? Ultimately when you order something at the restaurant, it can look fantastic and smell amazing it’s really how it tastes in your mouth that will determine if you’d order it again or not. Same for weed. If the toke tastes nice it’s going to be high quality medical marijuana! You’ll notice this a lot in flavours like White Lemon where the citrusy flavours are undeniable.


The smoke

The way the weed burns and the thickness of the smoke will be a factor you’ll want to take note on when determining your bud’s quality. It shouldn’t be too thick and the smoke itself should have a nice aroma. Look at this guy’s pipe colour… he’s smoking dank!


Let us know in the comments what’s the best weed strain you’ve ever smoked, or would love to try!

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