Never smoked an extract product? Need some guidance?  Happy Tree Buds offers a variety of cannabis extracts. Shop from our distillate budder, shatter, resin and diamond products online.  Just ask one of our customer service reps and they will be sure to answer any questions you may have.

You will find new extract products regularly on our website. With a range of suppliers and prices, you will be sure to find the cannabis extract product that works best for you. Whether you enjoy a premium resin or diamond product or just your simple shatter and hash, we have it all!

CBD Extracts

Some customers prefer CBD topicals for pain, dubbing it as a lifesaver. If you are struggling with sleep, CBD extracts can help you cure this condition as well. CBD extracts and CBD topicals are also very helpful in countering inflammation. When you are relieved of inflammations, your body can start functioning as it should naturally have. 

Buy the purest CBD oil Canada

Happy Tree Buds is committed to providing you the best CBD extracts. At the harvest level, we ensure that the plants, once off the field, retain maximum ingredients. We keep them in controlled temperatures so that they don’t dry up. Moreover, our experts use cutting-edge equipment to maintain the quality of the product until it reaches you.