Blazin’ with Lyza | After All This Blows Over, Get Stoned And Visit The Zoo Immediately | Episode 1

Roll Up with Stoner Lyza

Lyza is a freelance writer and weed enthusiast. She has spent the past decade as a functional stoner, first as a ‘secret stoner’ in the corporate world, before escaping office life to freelance and smoke a whole bunch of bud. 

So, it’s been a stressful few months. 

The current ‘situation’ (isn’t it crazy that we have THREE ‘C’ words now?) is like witnessing the world after it has drunk a crate of Monster Energy. We seem to be speeding into disaster as a species, and we’re in a strange new era where every news headline includes the word ‘unprecedented’.

When the world is losing it and I need a time out, I reach for the bong, the vape, the gummies, or my trusted rolling tray for a traditional joint. I’ve been doing it a lot recently. 

I’m sure the THC levels of the nation have been higher while handling the near-constant push notifications telling you something really fucking bad has happened – yet again. An end isn’t looking in sight as we all reach that part of the rollercoaster where we take a collective deep breath and wait for the economic drop to hit. 

It has been, for everyone, no exceptions, a trying time

BUT I have one thought which keeps me going – I have it scrawled on a piece of paper – written during a moment of apocalyptic hysteria when the leader of the free world told his people to inject bleach-  taped above my ramshackle ‘work from home’ setup, and I want to share it with you…

After All This Blows Over, Smoke Weed And Visit The Zoo Immediately

For a period of my life, I was overly concerned with my personal productivity performance (say that three times fast in the mirror and an ‘entrepreneur’ will appear and tell you their morning routine). 

I worked in data marketing, and lived in a world where every action and emotion could be measured and quantified. I used software which literally claimed to measure ‘empathy levels’ on social media, so I could provide graphs which scientifically break down when and why a company has fucked up. 

Part of this obsession included keeping a journal and corresponding spreadsheet where I scored every day out of 10, so I could track and quantify my emotional wellbeing over a period of time (top tip – don’t do this, turns out emotions are quite nuanced and not suitable for a 1-10 scale. The Pitchfork system may work, however). 

A perfect ‘10’ was a rare thing. Even in my own private system I built just for me, I only dished out two ‘10’s in a six month period, overly critical of my own joy. 

The first perfect 10 was the day I got high and went to the zoo. My scrawled diary entry opened: 

“If you are reading this after I die, this is the most important advice you will ever read: SMOKE WEED AND GO TO THE ZOO.”

I had never been more serious about anything in my life. 

After a particularly brutal and blizzardy winter, my fellow stoner housemate and I were both ready to escape the city and go somewhere fun where we could enjoy the sunshine. 

Sharing a bowl on a Friday night and staring at the city lights on our little smoking balcony, we were tired out and facing a quiet weekend of smoking and watching films – just like the last weekend, and the weekend before. 

Then, a lightning bolt of inspiration hit my housemate. 

“I know where we should go… the zoo.”

My eyes widened. 

The next day, we rolled a killer joint at home. 

We walked off the bus, found a quiet grassy patch and smoked up, laughing together behind a bush, looking completely unsuspicious I’m sure. 

As soon as we walked through the zoo gates, we knew we had made the right decision. The first thing we saw was a huge complex with one word emblazoned on the welcome sign, a beautiful promise: ‘MONKEYS’. 

I clocked the sign at the exact same time as a six year old near us who immediately started hyperventilating. I felt a strike of jealousy that I wasn’t allowed to publicly freak out because I’m an adult. The high was rushing in, and I cannot begin to describe the joy of knowing you are about to watch a bunch of monkeys hang out together.  

Things only got better. We watched a domestic drama involving some lions unfold before our eyes, laughed at the seals flopping around, admired the soft belly of a crocodile, and then went back to the monkeys to watch our close genetic cousins throw their own shit at eachother. 

We ended with the main event: the black rhinos. 

My bloodshot eyes regarded the rhino. Watching it chew on hay, a creature weighing a tonne with a brain weighing less than a kilogram. ‘Whoa’, I murmur while reading a board titled ‘Rhino Facts’, ‘that whole thing is powered by plants. That’s amazing. The vegans have a point.’ 

We stand and stare for what feels like hours, totally awed by these massive weird animals, they may as well be aliens.

As we strolled around the zoo in a baked haze, I felt every stress release from my shoulders. I felt like I had found out the secret to happiness, the medicine was right here – get stoned and go to the zoo. 

And when all this blows over, I urge you to try the same. You will feel much better, promise.  


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