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Are you looking to buy weed online in Alberta? Well you’re in the right place. At Happy Tree Buds, we have a wide selection of premium cannabis products. Forget having to take a trip down to the cannabis store. Our online dispensary allows all of our happy Alberta customers to order weed online from their house, and get weed delivery right to their doorstep.

Ordering Mail Order Marijuana Online Alberta

Buying weed for mail order in Alberta has never been easier. At Happy Tree Buds, the process for purchasing in Canada is extremely simple. The great news is that you’re already on the website that allows you to buy online.

The next step is to go to our shop page or category pages. If you look above this article, you will see a list of product categories in the header menu. You can click or tap any of these.

When you are ready to buy weed online on our website, you can either pre-register by visiting the registration/login page, or you can register when you are ready to check out for your order. 

Our website requires all people that wish to buy cannabis to upload a picture of their identification. This allows us to ensure that all customers are of legal age in their respective province.

In Alberta, the legal age to purchase cannabis products is 18. Therefore, we only sell our products to those that are of age. In order to verify this, we require your ID as mentioned. When you go to register, you will be prompted with instructions. The verification process is quick and easy, and your private information is kept secure.

Once you have registered successfully using your ID, you can then proceed with adding products to your cart and then checking out. At Happy Tree Buds, here are the product category pages that you can check out:

How to Buy Weed Online Alberta – Instructions

The fastest way to get started purchasing cannabis online is by clicking on one of the product category links above. On those category pages you will see lists of relative products. You also can go to the top menu and use the search function to find products, categories, and more.

Once you have clicked on some products that you like, you can add them to your cart. It’s just like shopping on any other website like Amazon. You just add what you would like to your cart, and then proceed to checkout.

If available, we offer credit card payments. Sometimes our payment processing can go down temporarily, so prepare in advance to use Interac eTransfer. You will be presented instructions for how to send your eTransfer payment on the following page. You also will receive an email with instructions as well.

 If you need help with your order, you can also view the FAQ page.

Legal Age to Buy Weed Online in Alberta

Unlike in some other provinces, Alberta has a legal age of 18 years old. This means that at Happy Tree Buds, our customers in Alberta can purchase cannabis once they verify that their age is at least 18 years old.

The process for identification verification is very straightforward. Every person that wishes to purchase weed online in Alberta needs to register on our website. In the process, you will be instructed to upload a picture of your ID to verify your age. This process can be done 24/7, and we verify your ID very efficiently.

Laws For Buying Weed Alberta

Since 2018, Canadians have been able to purchase cannabis products legally. In the province of Alberta, customers must be at least 18 years of age or older in order to buy weed online. This is the only legal requirement for using Happy Tree Buds.

Why Buy Weed Online in Alberta

Who wants to have to go all the way into a cannabis store to get sub par products? Not us. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably agree. That’s why at Happy Tree Buds, we wanted to make our customer experience as good as humanly possible.

All of the products that we stock at Happy Tree Buds are premium BC Bud, something that most cannabis stores in Alberta can’t honestly say. We carry premium strains that are hard to come by.

Happy Tree Buds ships all of our products using Canada Post. All of our staff utilize the highest level of cleanliness in our facilities, allowing you to stay safe from COVID-19 or any other contaminants.

Alberta Weed Delivery Cities (Where We Deliver)

Happy Tree Buds gladly provides mail order marijuana delivery using Canada Post to the following cities in the province:

  • Weed Delivery Airdrie
  • Weed Delivery Beaumont
  • Weed Delivery Brooks
  • Weed Delivery Calgary
  • Weed Delivery Camrose
  • Weed Delivery Chestermere
  • Weed Delivery Cold Lake
  • Weed Delivery Edmonton
  • Weed Delivery Fort Saskatchewan
  • Weed Delivery Grande Prairie
  • Weed Delivery Lacombe
  • Weed Delivery Leduc
  • Weed Delivery Lethbridge
  • Weed Delivery Lloydminster
  • Weed Delivery Medicine Hat
  • Weed Delivery Red Deer
  • Weed Delivery Spruce Grove
  • Weed Delivery St. Albert
  • Weed Delivery Wetaskiwin
  • And all other towns and cities in the province

Our Alberta weed delivery basically covers every single place that Canada Post covers, which is pretty much the entire province. It is really important to make sure that your packages only go to a place that only you have access to.

Online Dispensary vs. Retail Cannabis Store

Below is a list of the benefits that you will realize when purchasing weed online at our online dispensary.

Online Dispensary Benefits:

  • Much cheaper prices due to reduced overhead
  • Much higher quality weed
  • All weed is premium BC Bud
  • Much more convenient, shipped right to your house
  • Zero contact, with full sanitization of packages
  • Huge selection of different cannabis strains and other amazing products

At Happy Tree Buds, we use Canada Post Xpresspost for shipping our packages. That means that you can get weed delivery through Canada Post in a few business days (once your order is processed and shipped).


Happy Tree Buds is the best place to buy weed online in Alberta. You can say goodbye to needing to drive into your nearest cannabis store, only to be met with overpriced and convoluted selection. Our Canadian online dispensary has all of the premium strains and products you’ll ever need.

Some of our popular products from our lineup include Moonrocks, Ounce Specials, Gods Green Crack, and so much more. 

We highly recommend checking our entire product page, where you can see the full list of products on our website.

Much like all of the weed that you would get in a Alberta dispensary, all of the Happy Tree Buds weed undergoes checks to make sure that the products pass health and safety checks. Our mission is to provide the safest, most potent, and most pleasurable experience for our happy customers.

If you have any questions relating to the Happy Tree Buds online store and how to order, please feel free to visit our FAQ page and/or reach out to our support team at +1 (778) 806-5663.

Weed Delivery Alberta Map

Below you will see a map of our entire delivery zone for Happy Tree Buds. Currently we use Canada Post for all of our packages. Because of this, it covers pretty much the entire province. This includes small rural towns.

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