Cannabis and COVID-19 – What Do We Know?

There has been one question burning on the minds of many cannabis users. This year in this unknown new era of covid19 & the novel coronavirus, is how do cannabis and COVID-19 relate? Is there anything cannabis users should know? Is cannabis showing promise in the fight against covid? Are cannabis smokers taking a chance? We know there is a lot of anxiety around the topic of covid. As a trusted cannabis information source, we feel the responsibility to bring you some of the most up to date news in this regard. Here’s the latest! At the end of January 2021, a company in Israel called STERO Biotechs reported some positive results. Israel has long been doing research related to cannabis related medicine. They caution that they are still in the early days of research on how cannabinoids might play a role in the defense against covid.

The Intersection Between Cannabis and Covid-19

There has been a lot of speculative writing & looking into the intersection between cannabis and covid-19 over the last months. It is expected that we’ll hear more soon as researchers continue to develop their understanding. In Covid related cannabis news closer to home, the Canadian Press in an article that ran in newspapers across Canada, reported “half of cannabis users have increased their habit amid the pandemic.” Here at Happy Tree Buds that doesn’t surprise us at all! As a cannabis online dispensary, we constantly hear from people who want to know how to order weed online – many of whom are new to cannabis consumption in any form who are particularly interested not just in how to get cannabis online, but in how to find products beyond bud.

Extracts, topicals, and even edibles are still new to the experience of many people. Nearly two and a half years into legalization. While the Canadian Press article quoted some who attempted to put a negative spin on the increased use of cannabis by Canadians during the pandemic. Those of us who are more familiar with the properties of the plant know that’s just bunk. The fact is, Canadians, under lockdown and many with loss of employment or other major stressors. Using cannabis medicine to address things like anxiety, insomnia, and other issues exacerbated by the worries so many are under. Cannabis is medicine, and today more than ever before, Canadians are finding that out. That’s a GOOD thing.

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