CBD products for a few things you might not have realized!

The burgeoning CBD industry will hit $16 billion in the United States by 2025. If that does not raise your eyebrow, then I doubt if anything will. Let’s bring you up to speed–the plant extract is making its way to cheeseburgers, even breath spray, and toothpicks are not exempted. And that means they are becoming active players in our daily lives.

CBD users ( about 60 percent) are using it to manage anxiety-related issues. This is according to a survey of 5,000 individuals by Brightfield Group ( a cannabis research company).

The scientific journals are inundated daily with various benefits of CBD oil, or “hemp oil.”

Yes, CBD is excellent for anxiety and can help you relax. But the fact is that the benefits are much more in-depth. CBD initiates an interaction with a system in our bodies that is for cannabinoids. This makes it a perfect remedy for many disorders, including cancer, sclerosis, epilepsy, insomnia, and Alzheimer’s.

Here are more benefits of CBD you may not have realized.


Can Help Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure plays a crucial role in conditions such as stroke, heart attacks, and cardiovascular disease. Well, CBD may still be novel when it comes to reducing high blood pressure, as studies reveal the same mechanisms giving it its anti-anxiety effects also helps in lowering it ( or preventing it) .

According to new evidence, CBD decreases blood pressure. For many users, CBD oil comes with fewer side effects than prescription medications.

An assertion from Rebecca Park( a registered nurse and owner of RemediesForMe.com) indicates CBD oil tinctures from hemp have few side effects, and most people can tolerate it.

If you’re on medication for high blood pressure, consult your physician before jumping on CBD oil.


Can Help with Epilepsy

One of the first benefits of CBD was in reducing the frequency of seizures in people with epilepsy. Now, FDA has embraced its anti-seizure potential. Hence,  endorsing Epidiolex in treating severe forms of the disease.

The studies to use CBD to treat seizures are showing promising signs. One of them reveals that 214  severe epilepsy  patients who consumed the oil, reduce seizure by about 36 percent.

May Help Prevent Cancer 

Several studies indicate CBD has great potential for cancer prevention–but more research is in the works to substantiate this.

CBD interacts with our cannabinoid receptors, which could inhibit tumor cell invasion and growth while reducing cancer cell death. CBD prevents the spread of breast, brain, colon, lung cancer, according to animal studies.

Could Improve Diabetes

Diabetes patients have a lot to be happy about as CBD oil comes to their rescue. According to an animal study on diabetic rats, CBD reduced neuroinflammation and memory deficit–these are common side effects of diabetes. Again, diabetic mice treated with CBD reduced the incidence of diabetes by 56 percent.

CBD’s interaction with receptors in the immune system can protect diabetic patients against insulitis, causing the death of pancreatic beta cells–as theorized by researchers. The condition plays a critical role in the development of Type I diabetes, and CBD may help in preventing it.

Surprising CBD Products with Great Benefits

 If you’re struggling with pain and anxiety, there is a CBD product for you. If you can’t deal with insomnia, there’s a CBD product in the market for you. CBD products have several medicinal uses and can make our lives better in so many ways.

From CBD gummies  and CBD vape cartridges,  to CBD pet treats, we have searched through the clutter to find a few of the most promising CBD products out there.

CBD Lavender Vape Pen

If you’re an anxious person like so many people, you’ll likely get anxiety relief by using CBD. According to Eileen Konieczny( a New York-based RN) and Lauren Wilson( a cannabis writer and enthusiast), having to sleep better with CBD is not because of its drowsy effect, but because better quality rest emanates from the anxiety relief and relaxation offered by CBD.

When you shower at night and apply  CBD Lavender Vape Pen, you’ll feel refreshed — with a relaxing scent and flavor of lavender. A three-second puff contains one to two milligrams, so you can take as many whiffs as you need for the desired dose.

Mello Essentials Oils CBD Roller 150mg CBD

We all can attest to some stubborn things in our lives that have refused to go away– that annoying neighbor that turns up the volume of their TV set, or that guy that will never go away after several failed attempts to get your attention. While such nuisances might be too much of a challenge to swipe away, your aches and pains can certainly make way with Mello Essentials CBD roller.

Mello Essentials oil can alleviate stress and decrease pain, even help you enjoy some medication peacefully– and you do all of these on the go. These CBD rollers can be great for the entire day, and you’d be shocked at their effects.

For a soothing calmness, roll on your temple region. You can also roll on the sore joint or muscle for relief in a few seconds.

CBD Capsules

For many people, consuming CBD via vaping may not cut it– the vape may be too strong. And that is when CBD capsules come in as a way to consume cannabinoids.

Start your day with 1000mg of CBD capsules, where you’re stress-free with a clear mind to take on the challenges of the day. These capsules help you overcome those golden hours, providing you access to CBD oil properties.

The capsules contain CBD with potential 0.5 mg THC and 100mg CBD per capsule. CO2 is taking out, alongside cannabinoids and terpenes. The result is a full spectrum product.

The Bottom line

The regulation for production of CBD-based products is still in the pipeline, with much research going on to ascertain the effects of  CBD on other medications. But more clinical trials are underway with so many success stories from the masses. It is only a matter of time that CBD will become readily available and widely accepted in healthcare.

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