6 Ways You Can Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

There has been some evolution in the ways we can consume cannabis over the years. Here are 6 ways you can consume cannabis without smoking it traditionally.

We are not talking about your average joint, pipe, or bong rip, but something a little more evolved. Not to say that these traditional methods are lesser in any way, the 6 on this list have really changed the game.

1. Dabbing

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No, not the oddly popular dance move, but an intense way to consume cannabis. Maybe intense is not the right word, but it can be if you are not a regular cannabis consumer! The way dabbing works is by using “dab rig” or a water glass pipe. The attachment, or bowl, is heated up with a torch and then highly concentrated cannabis oil is melted on. This creates a vapor as opposed to smoke which some say is better for your lungs. This can be intense because the concentrated cannabis oil has a much higher THC level than your average bud. I’m talking 50% – 90% THC so beginners beware.

2. Vaping

Photo from: MG Magazine

As mentioned above, many believe vapor is better for your lungs than inhaling smoke. I am no expert on the matter, so I will not be speaking to this. But, I will say it certainly feels smoother and easier on the lungs! The vape heats the weed at a lower temperature, and because of this, it allows more flavor to come through too. Depending on the vape you choose, you are even able to adjust the temperature to your liking.

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3. Topicals

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New topicals are surfacing all of the time. Many people are discovering new ways to reap the benefits of cannabis without having to consume it at all! So what is a topical? Well, you can get cannabis-infused lotions, lip balms, and many other skincare products. People use topicals for muscle and joint pain relief as cannabis has properties to help reduce inflammation. Topicals are a good option for those who are uncomfortable getting “high” as cannabis topicals have the ability to treat symptoms without any psychoactive effects for the user.

4. Concentrated Cannabis Capsules

Photo from: Indiva

Concentrated capsules are essentially cannabis concentrates, much like the ones used for dabbing, but they are put into capsules and taken orally. This is a great option for those who want/need cannabis for health reasons but cannot get over the stigma of having to smoke it themselves. It is important to be mindful of your intake because the capsules may take a while to dissolve before you feel any effects; so do not take a bunch all at once!

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5. Edibles

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In October 2019, the next wave of cannabis products rolled out. This roll-out included edibles. The regulations on edibles are quite particular in terms of the THC content each type of product can legally contain. Since edibles look like real food, there also needs to be tight regulations on the packaging and labeling of cannabis-infused products. Edibles can only be sold in individual servings (low mg) as a precaution. Be mindful that when you ingest cannabis, they have powerful effects that may take a while to kick in. If you do not feel anything right away, be sure to wait at least 45 minutes before eating more!

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6. Cannabis-Infused Beverages

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This is a new one! There are now cannabis-infused drinks that you can get with THC and CBD. They have twice distilled beverages and flavored carbonated beverages too. These have a fairly low content level, usually around 4 mg, so one won’t get you super high. These cannabis-infused beverages are comparable to a beer in that sense, drinking one may not do a lot, but after a few, you will be feeling a little fuzzy for sure. I am still amazed that we can drink cannabis to get high… what’s next??

Have you tried any of these alternative ways for cannabis consumption? Or do you prefer the traditional ways of smoking to get high? Let us know in the comments. 

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