How Does Consuming Cannabis Differently Affect the Experience?

Cannabis can be consumed in a wide variety of ways! But, how does consuming cannabis differently affect the experience? Let’s discuss this.

So we all know the basics, smoking weed from either a bong, pipe or joint. And, even these options can differently affect the experience. Then, there are other options for cannabis consumption such as dabbing, vaping, ingesting capsules, edibles, beverages, and more.

Everyone has their own personal preference based on their experience and the overall high. It is also important to note that cannabis can affect different people in different ways. While some may love to smoke their vape, others may find it better to smoke a joint.

Below I will discuss some of the common methods for cannabis consumption and what an average experience using that option would be like. Again, it could vary from person to person.


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Smoking weed from a joint is simple! All you need is crushed up weed and a rolling paper. Bonus if you have a filter for it too. Many people find this a great way to get high because it is fairly controlled. The user can take a small hit if desired and the way you breathe it in is controlled too. When smoking a joint, you will experience a fairly instant but mellow high.


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Okay, I take it back. Smoking from a pipe is probably the easiest method (if you are smoking) as all you have to do is pack the bowl and spark it up. There is no rolling involved! What is really nice about smoking from a pipe is that commonly they have a “shotgun” which allows you to control the intensity of the inhale. Just cover your thumb over the hole for a stronger pull, and release to clear the smoke from the pipe. Again, since you are breathing in the smoke, the high is fairly instant.


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For some, a bong is a little too intense. If you are not used to smoking weed on the regular and take a hit from a bong, it will likely kick your ass. This is not necessarily a bad thing either, it will just get you very high very fast! Regular users experience a calmer high than smoking from a joint or pipe. Often when using a bong, you are taking nice, slow inhalations and then removing the bowl quickly to clear the smoke. What sets the bong apart from other smoking options is the water. By using a water bong, it is softer and less harmful since the water acts as a filter.

Dab Rig

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For those who are not familiar with a dag rig, seeing one can be a little daunting. Nothing to fear here! Using a dab rig to smoke weed is similar to a bong hit, expect you are smoking concentrated weed. In order to burn the concentrate, it needs to be heated with a torch and melted down (as shown above). This method of cannabis consumption is for more advanced smokers. Since there is water in the rig (just like in a bong), the smoke is less harsh on your lungs.


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Smoking weed from a vaporizer is another good option! Since you are not directly burning the weed, you will experience less harshness on the inhale. Vapes vaporize the weed by heating it in the chamber at such high temperatures without combustion. In doing so, a stream of vapor is produced and ready to be inhaled! The experience of vaporizing weed is undoubtedly the smoothest option. Not to mention, by consuming cannabis this way, the flavor profiles are more pronounced. With vaping, there is far more control such as the temperature which allows for your personalized cannabis consumption preference.

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Consuming Edibles


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It is amazing all of the foods we can infuse with THC; anything from cookies, to brownies, gummies, even popcorn! The list goes on and on. By ingesting the THC, many find the experience to be totally different than if they were to smoke it – more of a body high (less cerebral). Often times this method takes longer to kick in too as it has to be absorbed through digestion. Many people make the mistake of eating more because they “can’t feel anything” and then suddenly it all kicks in at once. It can be overwhelming when that happens! Be patient and wait at least 45 minutes before eating more.

The experience from edibles is a nice and mellow high. It is an excellent option for those who do not want to smoke weed but want to enjoy a little buzz. Another factor at play is that with edibles you can take very small dosages (microdosing). Since becoming legalized, the mg/THC is well labeled so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

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THC Capsules


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If you want to consume cannabis without having to taste it, this is the option for you! The capsules contain THC concentrates that have been extracted from the plant. Ingesting cannabis this way allows the user to reap the benefits of smoking weed without actually having to smoke it! The experience from ingesting cannabis is slightly different than if you were to smoke it (as mentioned above). This is an excellent option for someone who wants to be discreet about their cannabis consumption too. Even though there may be fewer options to choose from (as opposed to strains) you can still choose whether you want to have Indica or Sativa.

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Cannabis-Infused Beverages

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This is a newer option! You can now purchase cannabis-infused drinks too. These beverages have a fairly low THC content level (usually around 4 mg). Consuming just one drink has a mild effect and won’t get you super high. In a sense, these cannabis-infused beverages are comparable to drinking a beer. Drinking only one may not do a lot, but after a few, you will be feeling a good buzz. Consuming cannabis this way is another way to slowly ease into your desired high.

When consuming cannabis, which experience do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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