First cannabis cafe in U.S opens it’s doors in Los Angeles

The first cafe where you could meet your friends, eat and drink and smoke cannabis opened in The Netherlands in 1967.

Known as ‘coffeeshops’, these establishments were founded during a grey area of Dutch drug law and have since blazed a trail for hundreds of other coffeeshops to follow.



Over 50 years later the first cannabis cafe has opened it’s doors in the U.S. Located in West Hollywood in Los Angeles, the cafe is simply called Cannabis Cafe.

Cannabis Cafe is a weed lounge and restaurant where you can consume cannabis along with your meal. The cafe has a “Dab Bar” as well as a “Flower House” with hosts standing by to help customers, experienced cannabis consumers and novices, choose how they want to get high.

The food menu boasts comfort food classics along with vegan options. The cannabis menu is much more extensive. Guests will find products from 45 different growers including vaporiser pens, cannabis oil, concentrated cannabis, cannabis beverages, bongs, flower and pre-rolled joints.


State and local laws are changing and already there are several more consumption lounges opening in West Hollywood.

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