Happy Tree Buds Mystery Box Product Review: Gummies, Flower & more!

Last month I received a box of goodies to sample. Here are my Happy Tree Buds Mystery Box product Reviews of gummies, flower, and more! I was more than happy to find out that Happy Tree Buds had sent me a variety of products I’ve been meaning to try. I’d like to preface my review by saying that these are my honest opinions. I have a very high tolerance so products that may not have had an effect on me could work for you. Also, I’ve listed the products in no particular order. Enjoy!

Meteor Rock Flower

This was hands down the product I was most excited to try. I’ve heard a lot about meteor rocks over the years but have never had the opportunity to try them. Fortunately, Happy Tree Buds was kind enough to send me the Meteor Rock Flower. This particular moonrock product is listed as the most potent available on their website. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Moonrocks, they are nugs of weed dipped in honey oil and coated in keef. As someone who really enjoys the smell of weed, the Meteor Rock had a very pungent, fresh smell. Almost like the weed equivalent of a freshly cut lawn.

For reference, I chose to smoke them with a pipe. Right from the get-go, these babies provide a strong cerebral high. Although they weren’t labeled as any particular variety of weed, I got the impression that they were created using Sativa. Its strong cerebral effects definitely made it difficult to focus on anything in particular for the first little while. Once I got my bearings I felt energized and motivated to write. Despite its initially disorienting effects, I got the impression that this is the kind of high where you can be productive. My only real critique of this product is that it doesn’t provide any details as to what kind of weed was used. A description of Indica or Sativa and even a strain name would provide users with more information to help choose which Moonrock is best for them. The Meteor Rock Flower was the most potent out of the product I received.


Peaches & Cream Colada Moonrock Pre-Roll

Oddly enough, this product reminded me of the Smencils everybody used to collect when I was in elementary school. I’m not ashamed to admit that the smell was a little addicting. The peaches & cream pre-roll came in a small glass tube sealed with a tiny cork. The joint itself was neatly packed and you could see traces of the honey oil through the paper.


I smoked it before seeing Tenet with some friends. If you haven’t seen it, Tenet is most definitely worth seeing in theatres. Anyways the peaches & cream pre-roll definitely heightened the experience. It also provided strong cerebral effects that had me laser-focused for the duration of the film. The high lasted for the entire movie, and eventually lulled me to sleep later that evening.

Watermelon Cosmic Blunt

The Watermelon Cosmic Blunt is easily my top pick. The cosmic blunt is 1.1 grams of top quality bud, honey oil, and keef wrapped in a non-tobacco slow burn blunt wrap. It came in a tube just like the peaches & cream joint, but with a more aesthetically pleasing logo. The overall shape and airflow of this blunt were top-notch. A common problem with pre-rolls is they tend to be packed too tightly, restricting the airflow; I’m happy to say this wasn’t the case.

Despite being advertised as watermelon scented, I thought it smelled more like grape. The slow burn wrap definitely served its purpose to help get the absolute most out of the blunt. The high created a sensation that left me feeling like I was floating in the clouds, coasting along with a gentle breeze. Its physically relaxing effects balanced perfectly with the uplifted mood it left me with. I think this would make an excellent gift for any stoner, and a good way to celebrate special occasions.

300mg THC Multi-pack Boost (20mg x 15) 

As someone who prefers edibles over smoking, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Boost gummies actually pack a punch. I find it difficult to find good quality edibles, especially gummies. The gummies are divided into 15 20mg pieces, each covered in sugar. The small and easy to access container makes them a good choice for stoners that favor a discrete way to get high. They had a pleasant flavor that was followed by a strong THC aftertaste.

I took them after a long day of studying. In comparison to other edibles, I found that the high came on quickly despite having eaten them after dinner. They provided a soothing body high. The kind that makes you want to curl up in some blankets and watch a movie. Interestingly I found that they felt stronger than the usual 25mg brownies I purchase. I’d say that these gummies provide the most bang for your buck in comparison to the rest of the items on this list.

750mg Indica THC Tincture 

Another product that I was eager to try, the 750mg Indica THC Tincture was not what I expected. The dropper provides the ability to accurately measure dosages and allows for discrete consumption. Each single full dropper is the equivalent of 1mL of liquid which contains 25mg of THC. I consumed a full dropper and another half in one sitting. I allowed the tincture to sit under my tongue for 5 minutes before swallowing it completely.  Even having consumed such a large dose, I didn’t feel any effects for a couple of hours. It wasn’t until I smoked some bud that I actually felt the effects. Unfortunately, I don’t think this product is worth purchasing, but the lack of effects could be attributed to my high tolerance.

Mello 300mg CBD Pet Tincture (Dogs)

CBD products for animals have been something I’ve been skeptical about for a long time. One of my dogs has had terrible anxiety ever since she was young, so I’ve always kept my eye out for anything that could help. She tore a muscle in her leg when she was a puppy and had to get surgery to fix it. Due to the nature of the injury, she had to be confined to a small space so she wouldn’t harm her leg more during the healing process. Since then she’s been very wary of strangers and always hides in her bed when she’s indoors. After consulting my vet, I gave her some of the Mello CBD with her food. She had no problem eating it as it’s flavored like bacon.

After the first few days of giving her the oil, there was a noticeable improvement in her behavior. She became much more confident in her environment and was generally more outgoing. Although she still struggles with anxiety, I think this product is definitely worth a try. The long list of healthy ingredients makes it a great choice for your dogs.

Well, this concludes my review of some Happy Tree Products. I encourage you to give some of these products a try and let us know what you think below! 

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