Holiday Gift Ideas 2020

Tis the season to give some bud to your buddies!

Not sure what gift to give your best buds this holiday season?

Follow our Guide- the Happy Tree Buds: Holiday Gift Ideas 2020

1. EDIBLES – for the candy fiend 

We have the dankest selection of some special edition and infamous edibles. If your friend is a candy fiend, then we would definitely recommend checking our gummy selection. We have the notorious favourites, your favourite Stoner Patch gummies as well as Nerds Ropes! You also can’t go wrong with our very own Fuzzy Peaches, Cherries, and Gummy worms.

The doses range from 10mg to 100mg per gummy so be sure to purchase the one that matches up with your friend’s tolerance. Not sure what tolerance is best for them? We would recommend starting small- at 10-20mg THC per gummy.


2. TINCTURES – for the medicinal holistic friends

Tinctures are a great gift to give to medicinal users of cannabis. We have both CBD & THC variations. Be sure to note the dosage per syringe. How to ingest tinctures? You can either do so by directly placing the drops on/under your tongue or alternatively, add it to your food or beverage. Tinctures are a great alternative to smoking cannabis, and unlike edibles- you don’t have to deal with the sugar or calories.

3. PET CBD – for the pet lovers this holiday

Do you have a friend or family member that LOVES their dog or cat? It’s 2020 and yes, pets now are also CBD users. Get in on this holiday trend and help your friends give access of CBD to their pets with this gift idea. We’d HIGHly recommend you get them our CBD for pets tinctures. We have carefully selected the Mello CBD pet products as we have found that our clients’ pets absolutely LOVE this product. Trust us, they won’t be able to resist this bacon flavoured tincture. Similar to our other tinctures, these tinctures can be dosed either directly on the pet’s tongue or alternatively in their food. Further, when it comes to dosing this product, it depends on the size in terms of pounds of the pet. We do have CBD Mello products. One for pets under 25 pounds and one for pets over that size. Further, once you select a bottle, the dosage in terms of how full of a dropper you will want to use will depend on the exact weight of the dog. For dogs that are about 10 pounds a medium dose is 3mg where for a dog that is 20 pounds, the medium dose is 6 mg. For a 50 pound dog on the other hand, you will want to administer a medium dose of 14mg of CBD. Want more specific details? Just hit us up on our chat and ask us!

4. CBD– the perfect gift for the spa seekers 

Indulge in relaxation with our CBD/THC Bath Bomb or our CBD Boost Dark chocolate. CBD is great for patients with anxiety who may not be a fan or have not yet delved into THC. Alternatively, THC users may just prefer CBD edibles for the daytime, to help them get through their day.

If you know someone who LOVES CBD and may dabble in THC, then we would recommend going all out with our CBD bundle.

CBD Bundle

The CBD bundle is a great value. What’s included? A LOT! But literally, you get:

  • 1:1 CBD:THC Tincture in Avocado oil
  • Boost CBD gummies
  • Moon Rock Canada CBD: THC Bath Bomb
  • 2:1 THC:CBD Elev8 Vape Pen
  • CBD Cream

Want more details about our holiday gift ideas for 2020? Just hit us up! You can reach us via our Live Chat, text or email.

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