How does working out and CBD Oil…work?

The right workout ( and in good amounts) comes with so many benefits for your physical fitness and overall health. This type of physical activity can reduce the risk of heart disease, improve your mood, and manage your blood sugar.

What if you decide to maximize the benefits of workouts using CBD? Are there any complementary benefits?  My answers to the preceding question is a resounding YES, and you’ll soon find out why.

Simply put, CBD in various formulas can help you get the best out of your workouts. And some CBD products can offer pain relief for minor injuries relating to exercise.

People are beginning to integrate CBD into their exercise routines, and they are getting great results. Fitness-minded people now understand that the properties inherent in CBD are complementary to workouts.

Training facilities, gyms, and yoga studios are encouraging CBD use among their members. For example, some  studios provide participants with CBD vaporizers while they are in class.

Growing Number of Pro Athletes Combine CBD and Working Out

Are you considering using CBD to get your workout game up to par? You’re not the only one on this journey. Athletes like Rampage Jackson, Jorge Masvidal, and Lolo Jones have explored CBD for sleep, pain relief, and recovery from strenuous exercises.

Fitness enthusiasts and athletes use CBD topical lotions, tincture, capsules, and edibles for faster recovery from strenuous exercises, pain relief, and several other  benefits. They understand how CBD can enhance their workouts and bring them to that level they have always wanted to be.

Bear in mind,  no federally regulated CBD products will make you high or cause impairment. That’s because of the federal laws regarding CBD hemp–a non-intoxicating strain cannabis.

For proper legal definition, hemp has high CBD content, however, little levels of THC ( the substance making marijuana users high).

People may find it strange mixing a cannabis derivative like CBD with exercise. But a closer look at how CBD enhances your workout might clear the air.

CBD: The PRE-Workout Supplement

CBD will boost your energy, lower pain sensitivity, while still being an essential anti-catabolic (minimizing breakdown of developed muscle). CBD will effectively help you relieve pain as it’s a proven analgesic solution. That allows any serious-minded fitness person to go above and beyond during workouts, reducing sensitivity to muscle pain.

Furthermore, CBD is a mood elevator. Your energy level is heightened due to the anti-depressant and anti-anxiety elements of CBD. It also helps you  develop a positive attitude and uplift your motivation during workouts.

Catabolic hormones will break down muscle tissue–this is not desirable for any workout. But with hormones such as cortisol (otherwise known as the stress hormone), you can get the best from your workouts. Cortisol will supply your blood with sugar when it breaks down muscle tissue. It will also prevent the breakdown of muscles, enabling the gain of lean muscle mass.


CBD: The POST-Workout Supplement

CBD perfectly fits as a post-workout supplement. The benefits are in their numbers when you embrace CBD after your workouts. Some of these benefits are improved appetite, reduced inflammation, relaxation, decreased muscle soreness, and a sense of calm. People recover faster and also cope better with associated symptoms of delayed onset of muscle soreness when work is over.

CBD can help with post-workout relaxation as you enjoy better sleep at night. Rest plays a critical role in post-workout recovery, and you must improve your ability to make the most of it. You can build muscles because they recover when you sleep.

CBD can also stimulate appetite, helping people consume meals rich in protein for their workouts.


Recommended Products for Workout

According to 2018 studies, CBD relieves exercise soreness due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also reduces recovery time after a workout. However, many benefits of CBD on workouts and recovery are still not confirmed.

CBD will interact with specific receptors in the brain, which affects your mood and pain perception. About 42 percent of users reported giving up  traditional medications like prescription drugs to embrace CBD–with 80% of them finding the product extremely useful.

Again, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from its list of banned substances so high-performing athletes can leverage it for recovery.

Whether you’re an athlete or indulge in workouts regularly, the following products will come handy to take your game to the next level.


CBD Vape Pens

It does happen now and then–pushing yourself a bit hard, and you get nauseated when you’re out of the gym. When you experience such, a few puffs of CBD Vape Pens would be perfect to put you at ease. Each of the vapes contains CBD oil, blended with organic lavender essential oils for soothing overworked muscles. Your body will relax almost immediately due to the calming effects of lavender combined with CBD.


CBD Capsules

If you have considered using CBD capsules as part of your workout regimen, your thought is not out of place–others are also on that train.

As you hit the gym and workout, your muscles tear up in minor ways. When your muscles heal from little tears, they grow and gather more strength.

Exercise is good for your body and plays a critical role in a healthy life. You need to help your body heal after workout, and that is where these capsules come in. CBD capsules will help you feel better. They come handy in helping your body recover from muscle tears during your workout sessions.


CBD Bath Bomb

What is more than a super-soothing bath (containing a fizzy muscle soother) after an energetic workout?

CBD Bath Bomb is an all-in-one solution that provides excellent relaxation and relief from tension, with a color dose of aromatic fizziness.


If you’re yet to see bath bombs, they’re small “bombs,” bursting into the scene of fizziness when thrown into the water. They contain essential oils, including other agents, offering an array of benefit and a wholesome body pampering experience.

CBD bath bombs will soothe your body of both aches and pains, reducing your muscle and joint pains. You’ll gain that ultimate feeling of relaxation. Grab all of the benefits of  bath bombs with no psychoactive effects of THC.


CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles offer long-distance runners the energy to conquer more miles. Their mind grows bored with their body beginning to waver. But the edibles bring them back to the zone–where they started from as if nothing happened. This is why edibles are a perfect fit for professional skiers, ultra-marathoners, and so many others.

There’s no doubt that the effects of these edibles on the body and mind may not be the same for everybody. But what is constant is that  these types of products have entered the fitness market.

Cannabis is gradually becoming a part of workout—or an accompaniment to workout for both recreational and professional athletes. And for CBD edible consumers, the reason is not far-fetched.


Final Verdict

For CBD and exercise, more research still needs to be carried out to solidify all the potential benefits. However, it seems to be a viable option for the discomfort that comes with exercise recovery. And trust me, it doesn’t hurt to give CBD a try after your workout session, only then can you understand what it truly brings to the table.

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