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Shop a variety of THC and CBD cannabis edibles online with Happy Tree Buds. We have a variety of gummies, and baked goods and we are always adding new products so check back often.

Edible cannabis products in Canada

Cannabis edibles are a great way to consume cannabis, however they require a little more care and attention than smoking or vaporizing cannabis flower. When cannabis is inhaled, the consumer feels the effects rather immediately, however when it is ingested, it takes the body significantly longer to break down the cannabinoids such as THC. This is why it can sometimes take up to two hours or longer to feel “high” after eating an edible. New consumers should start with a low dose of THC (between 5 and 10 milligrams) and wait to feel the effects of the edible before consuming more. (This is often how consumers get too high: instead of waiting, they may rush to consume more. Then the effects of the larger dose compounds and they find themselves feeling rather unpleasant.)

To avoid overconsumption, start low and go slow.

Edible THC gummies

Gummies are a popular choice among consumers because they offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, doses, and flavours, and offer a tasty way to experience cannabis without inhaling smoke. Happy Tree Buds offers gummies at several different strengths (10 milligrams and up) and types (sativa or indica), so that consumers can be in control of their dose. If you’re a more experienced consumer looking for higher doses, Happy Tree Buds offers affordable infused gummy options that you won’t find in our competitors’ shops.

Cannabis edibles in BC and Ontario

All of Happy Tree Buds edible products are made using only the finest cannabis, sourced from growers and processors in the best bud growing regions in British Columbia, Ontario, and beyond. Our proudly Canadian-made gummies and cookies are delicious and dosed as advertised.