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Happy Tree Buds offers a variety of cannabis extracts. Shop from our distillate, budder,shatter, resin and diamond products online. Please reach out to if you need assistance or have any questions. And be sure to visit whats on sale!

Cannabis extracts and concentrates

Cannabis extracts and concentrates come in several different varieties and offer consumers a more potent inhalable option than cannabis flower. Just as the word suggests, these products are more “concentrated” and thus higher in cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and can sometimes offer a more flavourful experience. Types of cannabis extracts and concentrates include hash, shatter, live resin, rosin, diamonds, and butter. Concentrates are often strain-specific, although sometimes they are simply offered in sativa or indica varieties.

Cannabis extracts in Canada

Happy Tree Buds offers high-quality cannabis extracts and concentrates such as hash, shatter, and butter, made using top-shelf cannabis flower that has been grown by some of the best cannabis growers in Canada. We are proud to stock a variety of different types of extracts at affordable prices, with a selection of strains that far exceeds that of our competitors.