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If we’re being honest, every strain you encounter in a dispensary is actually a hybrid on a genetic level. Cannabis has been used in human culture for so long, and been subject to so much scientific interference, that there are almost no pure indica's and sativa's today in the same way they would have occurred in nature. Strains have been bred and cross-bred a hundred times over, so even plants that are very characteristic of indica, like Grape Kush for example, are almost guaranteed to have a sativa great-great-great grandparent, or at the very least a sativa great-aunt twice removed. When a strain like Purple Candy is labeled as hybrid on a dispensary menu, it means that it’s an intentional crossbreed of an indica strain and a sativa strain. Breeders love hybrids and are constantly creating new varieties, because crossbreeding can improve the effects of existing strains. Hybrids are created to get the best of both worlds from their indica and sativa parents, and often have highly specialized effects and flavours due to their intentional breeding. Now you may be thinking, “I don’t plan to grow any of my own cannabis, so what should indica and sativa mean to me? The answer is honestly not that much. There’s a better way to get an accurate reading of the effects of a strain, and that is the strain’s cannabinoid makeup.