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Sativa Flower

Sativa strains, like Green Hornet or Love Po, are generally considered to be more energetic and uplifting with less of a body high compared to indicas. However, dispensary veterans can attest to smoking a supposedly cerebral sativa with the intention of getting something done, only to find themselves still on the couch hours later, elbow deep in a bag of Cheetos. To growers, sativa plants grow taller and skinnier than indicas. Their leaves are lighter green and more spindly (think japanese maple leaf) than indica leaves. In nature, sativas grow in warmer climates than mountainous indicas, causing them to develop distinct physical differences since they’re not required to adapt to the cold. This can also make them more of a challenge to inexperienced growers. Shop larger quantities of our sativa flower to save big! We offer variations ranging from 1 gram of bud up to an ounce. Read the full product descriptions to find the sativa strain that works best for you. Don't see your favourite strain? Let us know and we will work to get it stocked for you. Our flower is all grown locally in BC and tested for quality assurance. Our product range is continuously expanding to include new sativa strains.