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Happy Tree Buds offers you a range of CBD products including vapestincturescapsules, and other types of edibles. We are always adding new products and be sure to visit whats on sale.

CBD Oil and Tinctures

CBD oil and tinctures offer consumers a way to ingest cannabis without having to inhale smoke or vapour, and in much greater quantities than available in cannabis flower. The cannabinoid CBD offers relaxing and pain-relieving effects, without the intoxicating feelings that can come with THC. This is why CBD has become popular among everyone from athletes to seniors. Using CBD oil or tinctures may improve sleep and concentration, while relieving feelings of anxiety.

CBD Oil in Canada

In Canada, CBD oil can be derived from either cannabis or hemp. While cannabis strains can be bred to maximize CBD levels and reduce THC, hemp has a low concentration of both, with an average of just 3 percent CBD and less than 1 percent THC. Cannabis-derived CBD oils and tinctures are generally more concentrated, while hemp-derived CBD products require more plant material and contain fewer quantities of other beneficial cannabinoids that occur naturally in cannabis.

CBD Oil in Montreal and Calgary

The CBD oils and tinctures Happy Tree Buds sources are proudly made in Canada. Crafted and processed by private manufacturers in Calgary, Montreal, and other Canadian cities, we use only the finest quality cannabis available.