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The Best CBD Gummies in Canada

Happy Tree Buds is happy to offer our customers several options of gummies containing only CBD, the cannabinoid that, unlike THC, doesn’t cause intoxication. Made in Canada with high-quality ingredients, our CBD gummies are affordable and delicious. If you’re interested in feeling relaxed, well-rested, and at ease, try our CBD gummies today, made with only the finest Canadian cannabis flower.

How strong are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies can vary in potency, but generally contain between 10 and 20 milligrams of CBD each. Unlike THC, eating too much CBD isn’t going to make you feel ill or “too high”, so you can feel free to enjoy several gummies if you please. Did you know that CBD gummies can come in handy if you do find yourself too high after consuming THC? Studies show that CBD actually counteracts the negative effects that can come if you’ve had too much THC, so it’s a good idea to keep some in your stash.