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Order weed chocolate online with Happy Tree Buds. We offer a variety of weed chocolate edibles for delivery across Canada. Try our THC Chocolate, CBD Chocolate and other chocolate products. From dark chocolate CBD to THC chocolate cookies, we have it all.

Our THC and CBD chocolate products are super potent. Please dose based on experience and according to the dosage recommendation as per the label. Often, novice users will dose improperly and that may lead to a poor experience. However, if you dose your THC or even CBD chocolate edibles properly, you will often find: happiness, relief, and major relaxation.Digestion and absorption takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, so be weary of that before trying to increase your dose!Do you love chocolate and THC or CBD? What are you waiting for? Order your weed chocolate online today and get it delivered to your mailbox.


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