Pre-Roll Joints

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Pre-rolled joints are ready to smoke considered one of the highly popular items nowadays. They also are dubbed as the marvels of cannabis legalization.

Cannabis pre-rolls

Not the best at rolling joints? That’s okay. Happy Tree Buds stocks a generous supply of both individual and multipacks of cannabis pre-rolls, making it even more convenient than ever to consume your cannabis. We offer a wide variety of strains and cannabis types, including premium pre-rolls that are packed with cannabis flower and extract.

Why pre-rolled joints?

A pre-rolled joint is all about convenience. When you order pre-rolls from Happy Tree Buds, they arrive ready in sturdy packaging and ready to consume, making them easy to transport and even easier to share with friends. Our pre-rolls are made using only the finest Canadian cannabis flower, and rolled to prevent running or “canoeing” joints. Shop our selection of premium pre-rolls today.


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