Vape Pens

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Vaping brings all the advantages of smoking minus the drawbacks. We have vape products infused with THC and CBD.

Weed vape pens

Cannabis-containing vape pens offer a sleek and discreet way to consume cannabis while you’re on the go. These convenient tools fit right in your pocket, and many of them can be recharged, reducing waste. Each pen will heat up the cannabis concentrate contained in the cartridge, producing a rich and flavourful vapour that isn’t as harsh or harmful as smoke. Vape cartridges come in a variety of flavours, potencies, and varieties, and can be easily interchanged using the same vape pen.

Vape pens in Canada

Vape pens have become incredibly popular among Canadian cannabis consumers for their ease of use and discreet nature. Plus, these pens don’t produce smoke, which means you’re less likely to disturb people with secondhand smoke. Happy Tree Buds is proud to offer our customers top-quality vape pens and cartridges made from high-quality cannabis flower. And as usual, all of our products come from Canadian growers and processors.


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