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Happy Tree Buds offers you a variety of vape juice in disposable cartridges and batteries ranging from standard cartridges to brand-specific options. Choose from CBD or THC.

Vape Juice

What Is THC Vape Juice 

THC vape juice is made by extracting cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids by a process of alcohol extraction. The product comes in liquid form, and is put into cartridges so that it can be used by a vaporizer product, such as a vape pen, that can be used with concentrates.

How Much THC Is In Vape Juice 

Our THC Vape Juice from Canada is 20% on average. Comparatively, cannabis flower is usually around12%, so this makes Vape Juice a much more concentrated and efficient way to consume cannabis in certain vaping situations.  

Happy Tree Buds has a huge selection of Vape Juice available in Canada disposable cartridges. Shop for CBD Vape Juice or THC Vape Juice.


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