20mg Indica THC Chronic Colas (100mg THC Total)


Are you searching for a trusted dispensary for all your Cannabis goodies? Check out Happy Tree Buds for your Indica Chronic Colas THC.

These candies are a great alternative to smoking as well as a high potency medical choice, and are great for: pain relief, reducing inflammation, reducing anxiety and stress, providing relaxation, stimulating appetite, relieving spasms and seizures, epilepsy and so much more. The perfect night cap, this product is ideal for evening/night time use.

Chronic Colas gummies infused with only the highest quality Indica cannabis oil. These Chronic Colas feature the perfect blend of sweet and sour cola flavour.

Each gummy has 20mg of THC. Each bag has 5 gummies total, bringing the total thc in the bag to 100mg.

Strain: Indica

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