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(300mg x 10) Mushroom Microdose Capsules – The Party

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(300mg x 10) Mushroom Microdose Capsules – The Party

These lab tested Bright Future microdose capsules come with 10 capsules per bottle. Each capsule of The Party contains 300mg of Golden Teacher psilocybin.

Are you looking to have a GREAT time at the party. This powerful mind-awakening combination of nootropics, adaptogens and psilocybin will have you ready to ride a flying unicorn on an electric rainbow (if that’s your thing). Whether you’re going on a hike, chilling at the beach, at a concert or having a night out with friends, you’ll enjoy the enhanced cognitive function, all-natural boost of energy, uplift in mood and euphoric feelings. Buckle up and put your helmet on because this is going to blow your mind.

If you are looking to feel more alive than what you ever have felt before, then this is for you. Welcome to The Party!

INGREDIENTS: 50mg chaga · 50mg reishi · 50mg cordyceps · 50mg coriolus · 50mg lions mane · 50mg maitake · 300mg psilocybe cubensis



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Buy mushroom microdose cap online with Happy Tree Buds. The Party Microdose Capsules are in stock and ready for you to take home today.

These Mushroom Microdose Capsules contain psilocybin, lions mane and other natural brain stimulating ingredients. Each container contains a total of 25 Mushroom Microdose Capsules.

Benefits of Micro-dosing

Many users have reported that micro-dosing mushroom capsules have helped them to improve their depression, anxiety, relieve body pains, cure addiction issues, help with memory loss and many other psychological  conditions. improving depression, anxiety, pain, addiction, memory loss and other psychological conditions. In addition, mushroom micro-dose capsules are typically utilized for helping to inspire creativity in tasks, as well as reduce social anxiety, help with your cognitive abilities and solve issues in interpersonal relationships.

Buy your microdose mushroom capsules online with Happy Tree Buds and get delivery straight to your door! The Party Microdose Capsules are your go-to for a variety of benefits.

What you can expect:a boost in day-time energy, increase in your mental capacity, improvement in your general mood, increased focus and clarity, increased productivity, alleviation of depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Proper Dosage: Generally, you will not want to micro-dose seven days a week. We would suggest taking 2-3 days off throughout the week to avoid building up tolerance. so one does not build up a tolerance.

Microdose Study Findings

Improved mood (26.6%, 215 reports): This most frequently reported benefit-category captures all codes related to mood improvements: happiness, well-being, peace, calm, and reductions in depressive symptoms. Also included are reports of improved outlook, appreciation of life, optimism, spiritual and emotional insights, and being more in touch with emotions.

Improved focus (14.8%, 119.5 reports): This benefit-category references codes concerning focus and concentration, conscious awareness, mindfulness, and increased engagement and attentiveness.

Creativity (12.9%, 104 reports): This category includes creativity per se, as well as meta-creative processes, e.g. shifting perspectives, divergent thinking, curiosity, and openness.

Self-efficacy (11.3%, 91.5 reports): This category references improvements in self-efficacy (motivation/ambition, productivity, confidence, sense of agency) and self-care (introspection, meditation, and other behaviours facilitating mental health).

Improved energy (10.5%, 84.5 reports): This category includes codes referencing “improved energy” per se, as well as alertness, wakefulness, and stimulation.

Social benefits (7.6%, 61 reports): This category references various socially facilitating benefits such as extraversion, empathy, sense of connection, and verbal fluency.

Cognitive benefits (5.8%, 47 reports): This category concerns cognitive enhancement (understanding, problem-solving), clarity of thought (clear headedness, lucidity), and memory.

Reduced anxiety (4.2%, 34 reports): References to anxiety reduction and social-anxiety reduction fit in this category.

Physiological enhancement (3.0%, 24 reports): This category concerns biological processes including enhanced senses (especially visual), cardiovascular endurance, sleep quality, and reduced migraines and/or headaches.

Shop your microdose cap online with Happy Tree Buds. The Party Microdose Capsules are a great bet to enhance your personal health and well being.



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Total THC

25mg x 3 capsules (75mg thc total), 25mg x 10 capsules (250mg thc total), 25mg x 20 capsules (500mg thc total)


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