Apple Gelato (Hybrid)


This strain is a mix of Gelato and Sour Apple strains.

This hybrid strain is all about the amazing flavour that it took after its parents. It would make you feel like you’re devouring your grandmother’s apple pie.

Its alluring flavour has the foundation of apples and hints of fruity, sweet and candy-like taste. It will surely give you a strong high that will relax every bit of your muscles. So better consume this weed during lazy days and after a busy day. It can even put you in a couch-lock state.

It can curb the symptoms of mental disorders such as stress and depression. It is supported by its relaxing effect.

User Review:
Smooth smoke. Hints of apples and berries. The effects are immediate starting at the head, then making its way to your body. Get EVERYTHING you need before you sit down because having to do anything is truly a task.


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