BC Rockstar (Hybrid) 0.5 ml Rocky Mountain Rosin Vape Pen Cartridge

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Rocky Mountain’s Rosin Vape Pen Cartridge. These cartridges contain 300 mg of distillate, 125 mg of rosin made from dried sift and 75 mg of organic terpenes with essential oils.

These vape pens do NOT contain Vitamin E Acetate.

Strain Details:

Rockstar Kush, also known as BC Rockstar, is a popular strain in British Columbia renowned for its excellent medical qualities. This hybrid of Rockstar and Bubba Kush emits a heavy odor of skunk and piney Kush. Rockstar Kush, a heavy indica, helps patients overcome aches, pains, and anxieties with its relaxing effects that also stimulate a reduced appetite.

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