Black Diamond (Indica)


Black Diamond is an indica dominant hybrid strain at: 90% Indica 10% Sativa. This strain is a cross between: Blackberry and Diamond OG (a hybrid made from OG Kush).

THC Level: 19%

Typical Effects: Relaxed, Creative, Focused

Common Uses: Depression, Anxiety, Loss of Appetite 


The high from Black Diamond will have your core and limbs feeling ready for some couch lock. Be sure to smoke this strain in a comfortable setting as you will fall deep into relaxation. This heavy hitting indica strain will also have some very mild subtle mental effects. The overall vibe of this strain calls for some good TV or listening to some great atmospheric music.

Because this strain is able to affect both body and mind, Black Diamond can serve as an effective mood enhancer. Because it is more sedative than energetic, This indica bud is perhaps best enjoyed in the evening or right before bedtime, when full relaxation can be appreciated.