Boost Jungle Cake (Hybrid) 1g Liquid Distillate Cartridge


The newest addition to our vape cartridge selection! Brand new Boost distillate vape cartridges are pure, lab tested 90+% cannabinoid distillate rich in Delta-9 THC and naturally occurring terpenes. 

Jungle Cake is a balanced hybrid that stems from a cross between Wedding Cake and White Fire #43. The taste has hints of sweet berry and marshmallow. While the aroma is quite earthy, carrying hints of spice.

The high first settles in the mind and then slowly builds to create an uplifted feeling of joy. This is a truly well balanced hybrid as it contains near equal of the sativa and indica counterparts. Limonene which is in this product, is the ideal terpene for hybrids as it offers an energetic buzz while at the same time preventing anxiety.


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