Fruit Punch (Sativa)


Named for its pungent fruity, sweet and tropical flavours, this sativa has something to offer in both taste and effect.

Fruit Punch charges the mind with creative and social energy, so keep this strain in your stash jar for active days spent with friends or personal hobbies.

Effects: Energetic, Happy, Giggly, Creative, Focused

THC: 17%

Sativa 70%  Indica 30%

User Review:

Feel like you need something to help motivate you? Then try this out. After smoking this I become extremely focused and task orientated, almost tunnel vision if you will. Although high you can still function and go about your business with no issue, I was in the garden last night till dark just pluggin along, completely lost track of time lol. It also seems to help me with minor aches and pains. Taste is fruity, not harsh in any way. Smooth and easy to smoke.