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Mac 1 (Hybrid) – AAA



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Mac 1 (Hybrid) – AAA

Your friends at Happy Tree are excited to share our new line of ultra-cheap quality buds.  This Mac-1 is an aromatic, tasty, white burning strain at a great price!
45% Sativa 55% Indica
THC: 23%
Will contain some seeds, does not effect the smoke, taste or high, just make sure you take them out before burning.  Maybe even plant them, you never know when one might be feminized!
Flavours: Citrus, Lemon, Lime, Spicy
Uses: Pain, Inflammation, Insomnia
Effects: Calming, Euphoric, Uplifting


  • Ben Avetissian

    This is an amazing place! I am always happy with my products, everything is simple to use and understand! Will always come back

  • Phil L

    Quick delivery and excellent edibles def my new favourite to order from.

  • Sadaf khan

    Great product I love this vape pen and taste great 👍🏽

  • Marie Bou

    I’ve bought this pen just to give a try to vape pen and I actually really liked it. Flavor is nice and it’s perfect for an occasional smoker like me. Arrived quit quickly. Will probably try and other of this pen on an other flavor .

  • Samsul Karim

    Fantabulous products! Would highly recommend purchasing from this company, very quick at filling their orders and customer service is phenomenal!

  • Peachy Seams

    HTB is the best. If you ever have any issues or questions, they are right there to answer them for you. The quality of not only their products but also their service is unmatched! Thanks for everything Happy Tree Buds!


Anyone who has experienced the beauty of the MAC strain will be pleased to know that Capulator’s genetics are still going strong. Some say that MAC 1 is a backcross of her original namesake while others claim that MAC, also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, was crossed with Starfighter and a Columbian landrace. To be honest, we’re not so concerned about how she got here, because what really matters is just how amazing her effects are said to be.

45% Sativa 55% Indica
THC: 23%
If you’ve smoked MAC before, just imagine MAC 1 as her new and improved version. Users note that this strain offers a strong one-two punch of both cerebral and physical effects, making her ideal for a late afternoon or early evening smoke session. Initially, many describe their experience as one that’s intensely euphoric, as just a few tokes are said to bring people to the happiest mental state they’ve experienced in a long time. For some, creativity and focus might flourish for a short while before her indica side inevitably kicks in. Depending on your tolerance, you might feel physically relaxed with MAC 1 or you could end up glued to the couch before falling asleep.
Flavours: Citrus, Lemon, Lime, Spicy
Uses: Depression, Loss of Appetite, Anxiety
Effects: Focused, Relaxed, Happy
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