Alice Scooby Snacks Mushroom Microdose Capsules (200mg x 30)


Alice Scooby Snacks Micro Dose Capsules are packed full of holistic ingredients to optimize both your mental and physical health! Not only does each capsule have 200mg of pure Golden Teacher mushrooms to help open your mind, they also contain 15mg of bee pollen which helps strengthen the immune system as well as relieving inflammation.

200mg of Golden Teacher, 55mg Ashwagandha, 15mg of bee pollen, 15mg of matcha and 15mg of mucuna per cap.
6000mg of Golden Teacher (Psilocybin) per bottle.

30 Capsules Per Bottle

These scooby snacks additionally have  55mg of Ashwagandha to further the effects as this ingredient helps to alleviate anxiety and stress and combat depression.

Additionally there is 15mg of matcha, powder made from the leaves of green tea, as its shown to help lower blood pressure and increase mental alertness.


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