Sour Diesel (Sativa) Purple 7 THC Vape Pen


Type: Distillate
Size: 0.5ml, 500mg THC
Element: Ceramic
Thread: 510
Strain Extracted from: Sour Diesel
Sativa Dominant Hybrid: 20%Indica, 80% Sativa
Product includes: 1 x disposable vape cartridge
The High: 
You will feel an instant headrush of the spacey cerebral high. Once settled in, it sparks creativity and chattiness with it’s users. It has been known to be helpful to treating mild stress, anxiety, depression and can also be an aphrodisiac! The sativa effect allows it to be an excellent coffee replacement which makes it perfect for wake and bake.
Directions: There is no button required. 1.) Simply put the end of the disposable vape pen in your mouth and inhale. 2.) Exhale 3.) Enjoy!
If you need to recharge the vape pen: unscrew the cartridge and plug in a Micro USB charger(not included)

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