Westcoast Smoke Co 1g Pre-Roll (AAA) Indica – Dusk


Westcoast Smoke Co 1g Pre-Roll (AAA) Indica – Dusk. These 1g Pre-Rolls from Westcoast Smoke Co are the ultimate in convenience, quality, and value!

The Dusk Indica Blend features 1g of AAA-rated Moby Dick. It is a stimulating, perfect way to unwind your day and enjoy a mellow evening.

With a powerful, body-focused high, this sweet strain is perfect for eliminating chronic pain, insomnia, and loss of appetite

No worries if you are not ready to smoke the entire pre-roll at once. Westcoast Smoke Co Pre-Roll Indica – Dusk come with a handy storage container so your joint can be kept fresh for later use.

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