Read This Before Smoking Weed While Tripping on Mushrooms

Are you looking to make your trip even trippier? Mixing cannabis with shrooms is one of the most common psychedelic combinations out there. But just because it’s a popular choice, doesn’t mean there aren’t some risks involved.

Whether you’re a regular mushroom user who’s ready to bring some weed into the mix, or a seasoned smoker curious to combine the two, there’s a lot to think about when mixing mushrooms and weed—especially if it’s your first time.

One of the first things you should make sure you know about consuming cannabis while tripping on mushrooms is that your trip will generally be intensified. Weed can make the visual and auditory hallucinations experienced with mushrooms even stronger. And while this can be an amazing experience for more advanced users, for some, particularly beginners, the combination could be way too intense.


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So some of the best advice we can give you is, just as you would when taking mushrooms, is to have a little bit of weed at a time and wait it out before you increase your dose. That way you can be more in control of your experience. Everyone responds differently, every trip is unique, and there are never any guarantees on how your trip will go. But in terms of how cannabis can intensify your trip, there are various factors.

On the positive side, smoking weed can help with nausea, increase relaxation, and make you feel even more euphoric than you already are when you’re tripping. And although it can help take the edge off, keep in mind that smoking weed while tripping can also dull the psychedelic effects of the mushrooms. According to those who believe there’s “no such thing as a bad trip”, by softening the effects, you could also be missing out on the full experience.

While weed can help you be relaxed in some parts of your trip (like on the comedown), on the flip side, it can also intensify your trip at the peak. It’s all up to the individual person, how much they have, and which strains they’re taking. Sativa strains will likely make you energetic and positive but can also make you anxious and paranoid, while indica may reduce anxiety, and calm you down and help with nausea. It starts to become less predictable with hybrid strains.

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While mixing cannabis with mushrooms can make for an even more intense experience, alleviate anxiety, and increase euphoria, it’s probably best reserved for those who are already super comfortable with tripping. But if you are looking to take the dive, just make sure you go slow and have good company around you.

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What has been your experience smoking weed while tripping? Let us know in the comments below!

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