Strain Review: Green Crack: Benefits, Effects, Uses, and more

Learn about the Green Crack strain, a herbal, peppery and citrusy cannabis strain; don’t get fooled by the name, it’s only weed!

Strain Overview

Green Crack is a strain of it’s own! Noticeable effects include sharp energy and focus as it induces a strong mental buzz that keeps you going all day long. With fruity mango flavors, Green Crack is the ideal daytime strain; consumers share that it helps fight fatigue, depression and anxiety. Some people have taken to calling this strain Cush (with a ‘C’) or Green Cush because of the name having a negative connotation.

Strain effects

Let’s go over the effects you’ll when smoking this floral sativa. Being a sativa, this strain will leave you feeling happy and full of energy; totally a strain to consider before a party or a social event. As for what it can help with, Green Crack is your guardian angel when it comes to depression, overthinking and stress; your brain can more easily focus on the positive and give less attention to the “hamster wheel” in our minds. It’ll leave you with a dry mouth -pasties- so make sure you have a Fanta or one of those super healthy green smoothies handy!

Testimonial from a regular user with ADHD

I had the pleasure to stumble upon this strain back when I was in University, desperately looking for alternatives to my ADHD medication. Sativa definitely did a way better job then Indicas to help me focus for long periods of time but Green Crack was something else; as the name suggests. The long lasting hyper-focused effects gave me a second breath around 3pm when we start to want a mid-day nap. I highly recommend this exotic strain for anyone relying on 4 coffees to get them through the day.

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