7 Cannabis Strains to Enjoy for Daytime Productivity

The days of believing smoking weed will make you lazy are long gone! There are plenty of cannabis strains for daytime productivity.

If you choose the right strain, you can smoke some grass and stay off your ass! In no particular order, here are 7 strains to enjoy for maximizing daytime productivity:

Sour Diesel

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The first strain on our list is Sour Diesel. We recommend this strain for productivity because it has very awakening effects. This is a perfect strain if you need to be mentally alert, focused, and productive. Beware – it is a potent Sativa, with THC levels averaging between 20%-25%. The effects of smoking this particular strain certainly pack a fast punch that can last a couple of hours. Perfect if you need to focus and get some work done! The parents of Sour Diesel are Chem Dawg and Super Skunk. The strain also has been used to create Luca Brasi x Sour Diesel and 3rd Coast Panama Chunk.

Green Crack

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Green Crack is another excellent choice for daytime productivity. This is a more mild Sativa, with an average THC reading of 15% – 20%. Even though the THC content is lower, it will certainly get you up off the couch. We recommend Green Crack to anyone who needs a good boost! Green Crack is a perfect daytime strain with delectable hints of mango. Its parent strain is Skunk No.1 and has since been used to create Grand Hustle and The Ooze (children).

Did you know – this strain was originally named Cush, but was later renamed by Snoop Dogg. Sometimes Green Crack will still be referred to as Cush, Green Cush, or even Mango Cush.

Jack Flash

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Some say this strain is named Jack Flash because it will get you high in a flash! If you are seeking a strain to enjoy while maximizing daytime productivity this is another great go-to. Jack Flash is the only Indica-dominant strain on this list. We wanted to share this one with you because even though it is a different blend, you will still experience an energized high. Since it is an Indica, your body will be nice and relaxed with more of a mental uplift. Jack Flash is commonly found with a THC content reading of 18% – 20%. This strain has derived from its two parent strains Super Skunk and Haze, with one descendant: Django. This strain has very pleasant earthly aromas with subtle hints of eucalyptus, lemon, and pine. Once the bud is crushed up, these scents are elevated.

Maui Wowie

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Maui Wowie (a.k.a. Maui Waui) is a well-loved Sativa-dominant strain. We recommend this strain as an excellent go-to for daytime productivity because it is stress-relieving. Sometimes, you just need to relax and take a toke before you tackle some work. This strain has around 18% – 22% THC and is known for its tropical flavors. Maui Wowie originated from the Hawaiian volcanic soils. The parent strain is even called Hawaiian, and Maui Wowie has since become a parent to two new strains: Maui Pineapple Chunk and Maui Bubble Gift.

Super Lemon Haze

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Super Lemon Haze is an incredibly energizing Sativa with an average THC level of 18% – 25%. The parent strains are Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Together they produced a two-time Cannabis Cup winner! Super Lemon Haze is a crowd-pleaser for the kief coated buds. The taste is just as it sounds; citrusy and sweet due to the fruity terpenes! This strain has also been used to create two children, 840 and DJ Andy Williams.

Durban Poison

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Durban Poison is known to be the perfect daytime strain for productivity. With its uplifting and energetic effects, you will be able to stay positive and productive throughout a busy day. Many users love this strain because they do not experience any paranoia or distractions. Durban Poison has a THC reading of 18% – 25% with fruity, herbal, and slightly minty terpenes. Durban is the name of the South-African port city where this strain has originated from. The parent strain is African and has since been used to create Xanadu and Orange Poison.


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Cinex (a.k.a. Cenex) offers a sustainable amount of energy. Users often say they feel clear and uplifted which helps boost productivity! Cinex is a very mild Sativa, with a THC reading of only 15% – 20% on average. So this is a good option if you just need a little pick-me-up. Vortex and Cinderella 99 have come to create Cinex. This strain is also the parent strain of Blue Cinex and Pine Cone.


Which cannabis strain do you prefer for productivity? Let us know in the comments. Click here to shop for some buds.  

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