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Your Complete Guide To Hosting A Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party

Your Complete Guide To Hosting A Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party

Want to spice things up for your next dinner party? Here’s your complete guide to hosting a cannabis-infused dinner party. Now there are two ways to go about this. You can either smoke the cannabis or have it infused in your food. One of those is easy enough to manage, so we’ll be focusing on […]

How Does Consuming Cannabis Differently Affect the Experience?

Cannabis can be consumed in a wide variety of ways! But, how does consuming cannabis differently affect the experience? Let’s discuss this. So we all know the basics, smoking weed from either a bong, pipe or joint. And, even these options can differently affect the experience. Then, there are other options for cannabis consumption such […]

6 Ways You Can Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

There has been some evolution in the ways we can consume cannabis over the years. Here are 6 ways you can consume cannabis without smoking it traditionally. We are not talking about your average joint, pipe, or bong rip, but something a little more evolved. Not to say that these traditional methods are lesser in […]


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