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What is a cannabis sommelier?

You may have heard of a wine sommelier.  You find them in house at the fanciest restaurants, sniffing wine corks and speaking gibberish- using terms that sound completely foreign. The fancy wine sommelier club, while unfamiliar to most, is something that we are all aware of.  This is not necessarily the case with a cannabis […]

The Ultimate Weed Guide: When to Smoke Weed

The Ultimate Guide of situations that smoking weed just makes everything better. I smoke weed. I may not be a “stoner” as some people like to call it. Sometimes, I wish I could be a functional weed person. I’d smoke weed ALL the time, because it really does help take the edge off for me […]

Holiday Gift Ideas 2020

Tis the season to give some bud to your buddies! Not sure what gift to give your best buds this holiday season? Follow our Guide- the Happy Tree Buds: Holiday Gift Ideas 2020 1. EDIBLES – for the candy fiend  We have the dankest selection of some special edition and infamous edibles. If your friend […]

The US Election & The Future of Cannabis in Canada

We have all been hearing recently about how the U.S. elections have lead to some improvements in legalization for cannabis in specific. So, the US elections have come and gone. We all know now, Trump is gone. Biden has won, or so it seems. But enough about politics, let’s get back to cannabis. How exactly […]

Your Complete Guide To Hosting A Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party

Your Complete Guide To Hosting A Cannabis-Infused Dinner Party

Want to spice things up for your next dinner party? Here’s your complete guide to hosting a cannabis-infused dinner party. Now there are two ways to go about this. You can either smoke the cannabis or have it infused in your food. One of those is easy enough to manage, so we’ll be focusing on […]

Vapes: Distillate vs Shatter vs Live Resin vs CBD

Vaping lab

It’s easy to see why vaping has become a popular way to consume weed. Without the need for a lighter or an ashtray, not only is it more discreet than smoking but more convenient, too.  And since vaporizers heat cannabis at a lower temperature than smoking it does, harmful chemicals like carcinogens and tar that […]

Microdosing Cannabis – How, Why And Which Products To Try

In a world that is obsessed with breeding stronger strains and more potent products, the power of microdosing is often overlooked. If you’re not familiar with the term, microdosing is a technique of consuming small amounts of a psychoactive substance with the intention of reaping the rewards without the associated high. Microdosing has typically been […]

4 Products Happy Tree Buds Customers Love – & you should try

Take a look at 4 of our best selling products that Happy Tree buds costumers love and enjoy! Tried and tested by professional stoners. Indica Sour Gummies – Chillen Cherries OK these are dangerous… not because of their THC concentration of 40mg per candy, but because of how deliciously tangy they were. It was a […]

What Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Mean? How Do I Use It?

What Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Mean? How Do I Use It?

If you’re in the market for CBD, you’ve probably come across the term “full-spectrum” and thought to yourself, what does this mean? I’ll break it down for you. What Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Mean? For an oil to be classified as “full-spectrum,” it has to contain all the naturally occurring cannabinoids from the cannabis […]

Read This Before Smoking Weed While Tripping on Mushrooms

mushrooms growing

Are you looking to make your trip even trippier? Mixing cannabis with shrooms is one of the most common psychedelic combinations out there. But just because it’s a popular choice, doesn’t mean there aren’t some risks involved. Whether you’re a regular mushroom user who’s ready to bring some weed into the mix, or a seasoned […]


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