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Vapes: Distillate vs Shatter vs Live Resin vs CBD

Vaping lab

It’s easy to see why vaping has become a popular way to consume weed. Without the need for a lighter or an ashtray, not only is it more discreet than smoking but more convenient, too.  And since vaporizers heat cannabis at a lower temperature than smoking it does, harmful chemicals like carcinogens and tar that […]

Cannabis vaping versus smoking flower

Cannabis vaping versus smoking flower: Pros vs. Cons

Vaping has become a popular alternative to traditional ways of consuming cannabis. You may be considering trying a vape product and are wondering the major differences between vaping vs. smoking. Cannabis has medicinal properties which have been proven to help treat various health conditions, ranging from anxiety to chronic pain and much more. In Canada, […]

4 Brands Happy Tree Buds Customers Love – & You Should Try

4 Brands Happy Tree Buds Customers Love - & You Should Try

If you’re in the market to buy some AAA grade cannabis products but have nothing specific in mind, dispensaries and websites can be intimidating. To help solve this problem, we’ve come up with a list of 4 brands Happy Tree Buds Customers Love and you should try. Boost Edibles Boost Edibles offer high-quality THC and […]

6 Ways You Can Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

There has been some evolution in the ways we can consume cannabis over the years. Here are 6 ways you can consume cannabis without smoking it traditionally. We are not talking about your average joint, pipe, or bong rip, but something a little more evolved. Not to say that these traditional methods are lesser in […]


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