The US Election & The Future of Cannabis in Canada

We have all been hearing recently about how the U.S. elections have lead to some improvements in legalization for cannabis in specific. So, the US elections have come and gone. We all know now, Trump is gone. Biden has won, or so it seems.

But enough about politics, let’s get back to cannabis. How exactly has the US elections affected the cannabis industry as whole?

Recently, analysts have deemed the election results as a “big win” for the cannabis industry. It appears that the cannabis industry, specifically in terms of legalization in the United States, has picked up speed. And there’s no slowing down in the horizon. A total of 15 states have now legalized adult recreational use and the remaining 36 states have legalized medical marijuana.

Biden and the elected VP, Kamala Harris have both publicly voiced their support for decriminalization of cannabis across the United States. The hope is that the decriminalization of cannabis will happen federally over the next four years. As more states legalize cannabis and reap the economic benefits, neighbouring states are most probably going to recognize the financial reward in legalization.

There is still a lot in development, but we definitely see a path towards a federal level legalization of cannabis. Once this happens, the idea of trade across borders between the United States and Canada does come into question.

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