The Ultimate Weed Guide: When to Smoke Weed

The Ultimate Guide of situations that smoking weed just makes everything better.

I smoke weed. I may not be a “stoner” as some people like to call it. Sometimes, I wish I could be a functional weed person. I’d smoke weed ALL the time, because it really does help take the edge off for me personally. However, I am a lot less efficient and lazy no matter what I smoke so I like to save my weed smoking for weekends and evenings. But I have come across a lot of circumstances/situations in my life in which smoking weed has literally SAVED me. For that reason, I have decided to create this little guide of shed some light on situations of when to smoke and why!

Scenario 1: To Cure Your Hangover

Weed is the absolute best and only hangover cure. I cannot stress this enough. I have tried some “hangover cure pills” and some patches… they are honestly all complete bull. There is nothing that cures your hangover more than having a glass of water, and then smoking some weed. To complete the handover cure, you must then order some good food. I know people seem to claim that greasy, gross food is the way to go. I on the other hand lean towards the healthier side. So next time you wake up with that headache from drinking too much last night (or drinking that cheap wine). Grab a glass of water, smoke a bowl, order some food and take a nap. The weed will not only cure your headache, but also your nausea and help reset you with the perfect nap. I tend to continue to smoke weed for the rest of the day to help balance me out quite honestly. Throw in some Netflix and funny shows and you’re golden.

Scenario 2: Post stimulants

What I mean by stimulants is anything that gets your heart rate up- this could be ADHD medication or pre-workout for the gym or plain and simple caffeine. Sometimes, we can get carried away and drink one too many cups of coffee. I know I have personally been there, and let me tell you, it is terrible. Your heart beats fast. You feel restless. You can’t sit still or sleep. One might try to run it off, but often I find that it just makes it worse. The only solution that has seriously helped me in this cracked out scenario is weed. All I need are a few tokes of a nice indica strain. And voila! that feeling of unrest and hyperactivity is replaced with relaxation. I am no longer overwhelmed and anxious and my body finds a state that eventually can lead to some decent sleep!

Scenario 3: Nausea


We did mention this when it came to a hangover. But honestly if you are having bad nausea NOTHING cures it like some good weed and peppermint tea, throw in a little bit of ginger for a bonus. I have loads of friends who smoke CBD or THC whenever they have nausea and it is the only thing that helps them get over the terrible feeling of sickness. The nausea may not necessarily be a result of alcohol. It could be from something you ate etc. But trust and believe, weed is typically a god sent gift to cure your nausea.

Scenario 4: PMS

This is for the LADIES! Men, you can skip on ahead. Or if you have a significant other that is female, maybe you can take note on this. Forget the Midol or whatever it is you have been told is the medication you need for your PMS. Honestly, if you haven’t tried it yet, weed is the solution. Try CBD or THC. There is just something about the aches and pains that come with your period that seem to melt away when you ingest certain cannaboids.

Scenario 5: To activate/enhance your mushroom high

We have some wonderful microdose mushroom products. Including our wonderful mushroom gummies.Whether you are taking a microdose or a macro-dose of mushrooms, nothing beats supplementing it with some weed. Personally, whenever I go on a mushroom journey, you can be sure that I will pack at least 2-3 joints. When micro-dosing, I do like to have my THC vape pen with me at the very least. The weed just helps level you out, bring you back to familiarity. There is something even more calming and relaxing about weed after ingesting mushrooms. Further, it can help activate your high. I would recommend supplementing the weed about 2-3 hours after initially ingesting the mushrooms. I typically don’t mix the two until after some sort of a “peak” has been reached.

Scenario 6: To get over a breakup

To get over a breakup, I would typically suggest you go travel somewhere with your best friends. However, with covid-19 ruining all of our travel plans, I have some other advice for you.

Best things to get you through a breakup are to have a bomb-ass break-up playlist, sing your heart out with your friends, watch some break-up movies (comedies only), set goals in your life and shift your focus, and distract/heal. To supplement all of that, you should really smoke a joint; with your friends or even alone. For me personally, this is the ONLY thing sometimes that will make me forget about my phone and not want to text that ex-lover. My friends have specifically raved about edibles, working wonders for their break-ups. Sometimes you just need that break from your phone and really there is nothing like a nice strong dose of THC to help you forget about it.

Scenario 7: Post anything traumatic- i.e. a car accident

This last scenario I mention because I have been through a few traumatizing situations. Generally, I am a calm person. Most things dont phase me. But sometimes, you do kind of go into shock and yes, you may see me stress out. The absolute best remedy post trauma is some weed. I smoke some flower and my state of mind just goes straight to relaxation. Trust me on this. Next time you go through something traumatic, DO NOT have a glass of wine. Opt for the weed instead.

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