Vapes: Distillate vs Shatter vs Live Resin vs CBD

It’s easy to see why vaping has become a popular way to consume weed. Without the need for a lighter or an ashtray, not only is it more discreet than smoking but more convenient, too. 

And since vaporizers heat cannabis at a lower temperature than smoking it does, harmful chemicals like carcinogens and tar that are released with combustion are also avoided.

By vaping, users can also benefit from the effects of cannabinoids (found in the resin of the flower) which can provide relief from pain, nausea, and inflammation. The high from vaping also kicks in faster and doesn’t last as long as edibles, perfect for a quick and convenient high. 

There are different options for concentrates depending on your experience level and what you’re looking to get out of vaping cannabis. So should you use Distillate, Live Resin, Shatter, or CBD? We’re here to break down the differences for you.


Cannabis Distillate gets its name from its extraction process called “short path distillation”, which basically means you’re refining the cannabis to its purest form of THC — we’re talking 95%. Due to this high potency, Distillate is best suited to more experienced cannabis users.

As the terpenes are usually lost in the distillation process, most Distillate won’t have a flavour (although it can be added later on). It also means that differentiating between a sativa and an indica will be tricky (and you’ll find that most Distillate is sativa).

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If Distillate is for the pros, then Shatter is perfect for beginners. That’s because even though pure shatter is 80% THC, for it to be vaped it needs to be diluted down to 30%. 

Shatter is essentially the resins of a cannabis bud, but to make it the plant needs to undergo a chemical extraction process. This is done using a solvent which is then evaporated. With Shatter, all of your terpenes will still be there after this process—which means, unlike Distillate, you can switch up your strains and flavours—whether you’re looking for an indica, sativa, or hybrid (or in the mood for mango, mint, or apple).

Shatter gets its name from its texture. When the substance is warm it resembles thick honey and when it’s cold, just like glass it will shatter if dropped.

Live Resin

So, we now know that Distillate is much more potent than Shatter, and Shatter is perfect for experimenting with different strains and flavours. The next concentrate in line is Live Resin—something totally different again. Live Resin is more suited to those who want to savour the pure nature and full flavour of the cannabis flower. This is because Live Resin is made by flash freezing the flower.

This concentrate is gaining popularity for its ability to retain the full flavour of the original strain and its high quality, due to not being dried or cured. Because of this, the essential oils aka terpenes are kept intact, making for a more flavourful and aromatic experience. Think of it like natural wine compared with a more traditional wine, which has additives like sugar and sulfites.

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CBD is now a household name. It’s short for cannabidiol and is known for its therapeutic benefits for improving ailments such as depression, anxiety, inflammation, pain, and even epilepsy. 

And although CBD is popular for being consumed as an oil—using tinctures or edibles—smoked in a joint, or used topically in a cream, vaping can also be a great way to consume CBD. Just make sure you’re using the right product, as you won’t be putting straight-up CBD oil into your vape, but instead using “CBD vape juice” or “CBD distillate”. Look out for labels that say the product is designed for vaping, if you’re unsure.

If it’s your first time vaping CBD just start off slow with your dosage and increase as you go. And just keep in mind that the heavier your body weight is, the higher the dose you should have.

What’s your favourite way to vape cannabis? Let us know in the comments below! Click here to shop for some vape pens.

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