Which dope will help you cope with COVID 19?

The world is in a crisis—and a big one at that. Households are scrambling to keep up with basic supplies. The unemployment number is soaring, with millions out of work already, and all thanks to COVID-19. The global pandemic has changed the world as we know it. Now, we have to stay home to flatten the curve and prevent the virus from spreading further.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! Staying home is an opportunity to reboot. You can start that project you have been putting off for years. You can learn a new skill or alphabetize your record collection.

But let’s be real—almost none of these are happening. Perhaps, you need a toke to get that creative juice out. Luckily, cannabis comes handy to help you stay functional and creative—provided you’re consuming the right strain.

Here’s a list of strains to keep you functional and motivated at home.


White Lemon Strain

Pacing around the home all day with no clear focus can be frustrating. And clearing your head from the plethora of issues that came along with COVID-19 may not be such an easy task too. The white lemon strain comes to the rescue to help you focus and become active. You’re besieged with an influx of clear-headed happiness.

If you’re struggling with chronic fatigue, depression, nausea or appetite loss, chronic pain, this is your best bet for a relief—all because of  the super high 20% + average THC level alongside other factors.

White Lemon is a well-balanced strain (50% indica/50% sativa), created when you cross Super Lemon Haze with El Nińo strains. You’ll appreciate an energizing high and a shocking taste; this is the strain for you. It comes with a mouth-puckering flavor and potent effects that leave you flying high for hours unending.

The super sour lemony taste tingles your tongue, bringing upon you touches of spicy floral and woods as you exhale. You’ll enjoy its aroma—fragrant and fruity—that projects a rich incense overtone that becomes sour and skunky as the nugs burn away.

The strain comes with a rapid onset, descending as quickly as you experience the final tangy exhale. You’ll experience a relaxing body high, which accompanies the energizing cerebral state—that complements the rush perfectly well.

Getting focused and energized around the home should no more be a cause for worry. The white lemon strain is all you need.

Green Hornet

Looking for a way to start your day on the right track? Green Hornet is your perfect companion. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid flower, exuding sweet, citrusy, floral scent—and one of its trademarks is the taste of freshly brewed tea (with berry rinds).

 The Green Hornet can get as high as 20% THC. If you had wanted to get things done around the home, consuming a bit of Green Hornet is not out of place. It takes you from feeling focused and alert to soothing and calming. It is perfect for dealing with anxiety or stress caused by COVID-19.

It may be ready for cultivation around 50 days into flowering. But your best bet would be to wait for another ten days before you go cutting down the plants.


Rock Star Kush

Get those racing thoughts and feelings of anxiety out of the way with the Rockstar Kush and brighten your day as you pull through this pandemic. The hybrid is an indica and sativa strain (75% indica/25% sativa) originating from British Columbia. Being indica-dominant means it has medicinal benefits —but it has to be for specific things.

The strain is commonly known as “Rockstar OG,” created when you cross potent Rockstar X Bubba Kush strains.

The bud is well-balanced yet extremely potent high. This is the result of the intensely high THC level, which is between 22-25% on average. With a feeling of uplifted euphoria alongside hazy introspection, the ball is set rolling to get you high. That feeling spread slowly through your body and you become relaxed and a little bit sedated. You get a heavy couch-lock as soon as the sedative feeling goes away, bringing upon you an extreme case of munchies.

 You may get paranoid or fearful—that is what the couch-lock feeling does to some users. As a result of the relaxing and heavy effects, the Rockstar Kush is perfect for treating chronic stress, chronic pain, and inflammation.


Magic Jordan

Don’t lose your creative spirit. You need more of this during this period. And Magic Jordan is available to give you a helping hand. With this strain, your body becomes tingly, your mood giddy and your uplifted state hold sways for an extended period. It pushes your creativity over the edge; little wonder musicians and artists are grabbing it with both hands.

Magic Jordan is yet another potent indica-dominant hybrid. Its high CBD levels (including the soothing ability) pave way for its soaring popularity in the medicinal cannabis circles. It is a friendly and unique strain that is easy to cultivate.

The fact is Magic Jordan is a mysterious strain with the ability to cure a list of ailments. It has a mid-level potency, but it does not take away the bit of punch it carries to inexperience newbies.

The bud is about 70% indica and best for those weekends when you need to relax. Feel less stressed out as it enhances your mood every step of the way, making your mind-body high.

Purple Candy

Purple Candy is perfect for deep physical relaxation. It is indica-dominant (even though the sativa/indica is unclear). It is a cross between Canadian BC Sweet Tooth and the California original Mendocino Purps. The THC level may climb up to 19%, but the CBD number is negligible(less than 1%).

While you stay indoors, some conditions may plague you. Don’t fret! This indica-dominant hybrid has your back. It can help by lowering your stress levels and anxiety; soothe inflammation, and numb chronic pain. It doesn’t end there. You’ll experience relief with conditions such as gout, lupus, arthritis, and also migraines.

The effects slowly come with light pressure around the temples and behind the eyes. Note, you may experience some sensory distortion, as well as a perceived delay in timing. A tingly, full-body stone will befall you—this is profoundly relaxing—and you become lazy and ready to jump on your bed. So, if you’re grappling with insomnia, here’s your remedy!

Before sleep whisk you away, your mind may be taken on a mission. Some users may feel introspective. Others may experience heightened anxiety and ruminating thoughts.









Sugar Black Rose


We all love the smell of a rose, don’t we? Well, the Sugar Black Rose is not about to shatter that fact. This strain is a unique hybrid that carries confectionary quality. It’s a therapeutic bedtime treat (unlike real sugar) and extremely relaxing. It will never ruin your teeth.



The Sugar Black Rose is 80/20 indica strain, having a modest THC level of 18%. The strain is rare and known to have a delicious taste. The flavor is sugary and has a hint of dark roast. What readily comes to mind is the toast of marshmallows around a campfire. You’ll get a slightly more pungent aroma; then, a tart lemon zest will accentuate the earthy smell that engulfs the room with the nug burning.


The sugar Black Rose cannabis strain gives you a sweet high. Relax your body and uplift your spirit regardless of what the stay-at-home policy brings upon you.





We’re struggling to adapt to the new way of doing things. But these strains can make life more meaningful and open our eyes to opportunities (within us) yet untapped. Remember, we are all in this together. So stay home and stay safe. We will all toast to our bravery and resilience when we finally clip the wings of this contagion.

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