Why Don’t These Edibles Get Me High?- Your Questions About Edibles Answered


Some of us have been there at some point in time. You take an edible, and you feel nothing. You might take a “hefty” dose, but nothing seems to happen to you. Sometimes, your friend may have even taken the exact same dose, they might feel HIGH but you do not. So what is going on?


There are lots of reasons for not getting “high” from edibles. A lot of times, it is simply because you have to wait for it to actually kick in. DO NOT make the mistake of increasing your dose prematurely. If you are newer to edibles, it’s always best to start with a smaller dose then increase your dosage after waiting for an hour to two hours. Assess your high. Then increase slowly.


You may have waited the right amount of time since you took the edible but you still don’t seem to feel anything. So what is actually going on?

  1. You are taking the wrong dose for your own bodyThe main cause for edibles not hitting you is typically that you are not taking a large enough dose. Edibles are strange. They are VERY specific to the person. Hence there is really no golden rule for “how much” you should take.

    You definitely want to be inspecting the amount of THC in terms of mg in the edibles you are ingesting. If you are completely NEW to edibles, a rule is to try to start with just 5mg of THC and increase your dose in 5mg increments until you find the dose that gets you high.

    The problem is you might be a seasoned weed smoker, but 5mg of THC in an edible might be all you need to get high. Alternatively, you might not smoke too much weed, but you need 300mg of THC to actually get high.

    One of my good friends who has the same body type as myself, 5’7 about 130 pounds, needs about 300mg to even feel high from an edible! On the other hand, I need only about 10mg! We both smoke the same amount of weed and have similar body types. The difference is somewhere just in how our bodies break down the THC when it is eaten.

    So be sure to find your right dose. Trial and error is all you need. Start with a low dose and keep increasing it. You will eventually find your perfect dose whether it is 10mg of THC or 200mg.

  2. The edibles are not dosed properlyAnother reason may just be that you have a defective product. A lot of edibles are made with just candy that is sprayed with THC. This leaves the product up for a huge margin of error. The edible may read that it has 50mg of THC when in fact it only might have 5.Our advice is to find a product you trust and stick with it.


Edibles WILL get you high if you try it right. Just be sure to pay attention to the noted THC level in the packaging. Find YOUR own optimal THC level. Dose according to that level. And be sure to use a brand/product that you really trust.

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